Are you going on a university exchange programme or moving to a new country and need immigration visa? You might need certificate translation services for your educational certificates and other legal documents. They are several situations where a certified translation may be required. Certified translation is sought by many institutions, govt. organizations such or courts of law as they require all official documents to be duly certified by translators.

The term ‘certified translation’ sometime cause confusion-especially when it comes to when it is and isn’t required. To understand when and why a certified translation might be necessary, it’s important to have a good grasp of the differences between certified and non-certified translation.

What is a Certified Document Translation?

A Certified translation is a translated document accompanied by a signed statement from the translator attesting to the completeness and accuracy of the translation. The statement is also notarized by a notary public. Once a translation is certified it becomes a legal record. This document is required if you see that a document needs a “Certified Translation” or that a translation requires a “Certificate of Accuracy”.

ATIS Communication offers premium certified translation services in all the prominent languages. Each certificate of Accuracy is issued on our official letterhead with the certification, signature of the translator and date, along with the company’s stamp and seal. At ATIS, you get accurate translations, faster turnaround times and excellent customer service under one umbrella.

Few educational institutions ask for certified translations of transcripts as a mandatory requirement for admission procedure. Depending on the school’s document policies, you may be required to submit the original grade report along with a certified translation. It’s always a good idea to confirm what documents are needed before submitting them.

Where you can get a certified document translation services?

When you need a certified translation you should always turn to qualified translation company such as ATIS Communication. Our translators have years of experience in their industry and are well-equipped to meet your needs. Additionally, our certification process features a two-step verification process that ensures accuracy. Plus, we can notarize your documents in house, which means its easy to get a rush-transaction, even when certification is necessary. We provide high-quality translating and interpreting services to businesses, large organization as well as individual at a reasonable price while maintain the quality and outstanding customer service.

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