Are you planning to study abroad in Australia? Or are you an Australian student looking to study across the globe? The process of applying to a university abroad can be daunting. As part of the process, you may need documents translated from your native language into the university’s location language. But don’t fear, ATIS Communication’s translation service can easily translate birth certificates, diplomas, academic transcripts, letters of recommendations, and more.

If you’re an international student, here’s what you need to know about getting academic documents translated online for your university application.

1. Know What Needs To Be Translated

There are many different documents that may be requested when applying for and enrolling at a university overseas. Make sure you thoroughly research the requirements of your chosen academic institution. Here are some documents you may need to be translated:

  • Birth Certificates
  • Driver’s Licences/ID
  • Diplomas
  • CVs/Resumes
  • Thesis/Dissertations
  • Academic Transcriptions
  • Letters of Recommendation
  • Personal Statements
  • Letters of Enrolment
  • Statement of Qualifications
  • Visa Documents

2. Check The Language

Once you know which documents you need for translation, ensure you know which language they need to be translated to, as the language of the program might be different from the official language of the country.

3. Check Authorisation

Make sure you choose an authorised translator and ensure that all translated documents are legalised. There may be various authorisations needed to confirm the validity of the translation, such as the credentials of the translator, confirmation from the translating party, the date of translation, and the signature of the translator.

4. Check Legalisation

Sometimes ensuring the documents are legalised will come hand in hand with choosing an authorised translator. But there may be additional legalisation procedures such as assurance by a notary or legalisation by an apostille.

We can help you quickly and easily prepare all your documents to ensure you are ready to study abroad.

ATIS Communication for your Academic Document Translation Needs

ATIS Communication is one of the leading global document translation service providers. Our translation results maintain the meaning of the original text. We also make sure that your documents are free of spelling errors. We aim to follow a translation process that is quick and helps you get high quality translated documents with inexpensive translation services in around 150 languages. With our interpreting and translation service in Sydney and across the globe, you will surely get high-quality translations quickly.

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