Are you applying for a Visa? ATIS Communication can help you with a translation service for all your required papers. Is your employer asking for your documents in the regional language? Do not worry! We provide document translation from your native language to the desired language.

We pride ourselves on quality, fast translations, convenience, and reasonable cost as we are more than just an interpreter and translation service provider.

You must be thinking that the translation documents needed should come from certified translation providers, and the translation process should be quick. Then you are at the right place. As a leading document translation specialist of birth certificates, death certificates, driver’s licence, and police clearance certificates, our turnaround time for document translations is 2-3 business days.

We follow a simple five-step document translation process to make it easy for you.

1. Document Submission

The first step of the process requires you to fill in the form on our website for a free quote. Be ready with the scanned copy of the document that needs a translation to upload while filling up the form.

2. Quote

Rest assured! We will quickly look at the form details that you have provided. Our experienced staff gives a response with a quote within 15 minutes.

3. Payment Confirmation

Once you receive the quote, you need to pay us the mentioned cost by PayPal, credit card, or EFTPOS.

4. Translation & Proofreading

Our certified translators will start translating texts. We practice desktop publishing (DTP) services for efficient translations, including exact page layout formatting. You will get a translated digital copy within 2 to 3 business days via email for your approval.

5. Procurement of Translated Document

Once approved, we send a digital and a physical copy of the translated certificate to your desired address.
You can benefit from the easy process of translations irrespective of the location of your residence. We provide translations online.

ATIS Communication for Your Document Translation Needs

ATIS is one of the leading global document translation service providers. Our translation results maintain the meaning of the original text. We also make sure that your documents are free of spelling errors. We offer quick, perfect, and inexpensive translation services in around 150 languages. With our interpreting and translation service in Sydney and across the globe, you will surely get high-quality translations quickly.

Don’t wait! Visit our website to claim your quotation and get your official documents translated by ATIS Communication experts.