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Audio Translation is a great marketing tool:

Audio Transcription ServicesAudio Translation includes various types of translation projects, requirements and needs, some of them are just simple voice over translation of any material like e-learning or some recording. While others are there which incorporates audio transcription translation, like when the source language is recorded in an audio and the final product is a written document with translation, which is transcribed from the audio. Some cases of this would be, when a client asks to provide Spanish to English transcribed translation, in this case the final product would be a document which is translation of the audio.

If we talk about audio transcription, then it is simply speech to text conversion, but this is a very essential part of conferences, lectures, seminars, movies, business meetings and many more.

At Australia Translating and Interpreting Solutions, we offer audio translation and transcription services for educational institutes, business organizations, legal establishments and even the entertainment industry. Our team of professionals has all the skills that anyone would require to convert conference calls, lectures, interviews, podcasts, seminars, movies’ subtitle, etc. into error-free and accurate transcripts, which are easy to read and pursue.

Audio translation for e-learning, voice overs, audio books and many more

Any type of audio translation, like voice over or any other, is necessary for the growth of the businesses, audio books, language learning and much more. If you are in need of this service, then we can help. We mix inventiveness and knowledge both in our projects and delivers you whatever you desire from the translated document. To get a free quote, you could send us your video or call us anytime.

Audio transcription for academia, medical industry, for deafs and many more

Nowadays, almost every business could avail the benefits by transcribing the audio to text and it serves multiple purposes. Like, in academics, students want to transcribe their lectures and seminars, businesses could get their recordings of the meetings or tele conferences in the transcribed form and even online businesses could transcribe their advertisement audios, in order to provide better information to the customers. We provide transcription in any language and for any reason you have. Our experienced team of professionals would not only perform the transcription with full focus, but also assures that there is not even a single mistake in the final product.

Why you must choose us?

  1. We first listen to the audio and then we start working on your project, this ensures that you get reliable translations/transcriptions incorporating high standards that you expect that too within the deadlines and in your budget.

  2. We never treat our projects like, it’s just an audio translation or transcription, as work is special to us and we never compromise with our quality.

  3. Our translators have years of experience in a variety of languages, like French, Spanish, German, Chinese and many more. We check and then re-check our work to ensure high quality.

If you want to discuss with us about any project you have, then we are just a call away.


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