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Desktop Publishing, which is also known as DTP is when a graphic designer utilize any software or applications to create or replicate any page layout with the type of text, photos, graphics and tables, so that the deliverable is ready for printing or online publishing.

We are one of the leading Australia based company offering Desktop Publishing services. Our services would effortlessly transform your ideas, images and even words into a very catchy format for publishing or printing.

If you are looking forward to translate manual, booklet or any other doc file having images or just want to set their layout, then you must avail our satisfactory Desktop Publishing services. Your sensitive projects would be placed in the hands of experienced professionals who know DTP and graphic designing and its aspects by heart. We only use the latest applications and software to prepare your project of any size in any format and on any platform, on time and at an affordable cost. Only highly skilled people could perform the job of formatting that includes layout, screen capture, creation, visual or graphic design, layout and a lot more than this.

At Australia Translating and Interpreting Solutions, the entire team has the ability to work with any DTP application which exists on platforms like Windows and Macintosh, like:

  1. PageMaker®

  2. Microsoft Office (PowerPoint, Excel, Word, Viso)

  3. CorelDraw

  4. Apple iAuthor

  5. QuarkXPress Desktop

  6. Adobe Creative Suite (Illustrator, Photoshop, PageMaker, InDesign, Captivate, FrameMaker, Flash and Captivate)

The formats in which we deliver includes:

PDF, INDD, JPG, SGV, AI, CDR, TIFF, EPS, PSD, GIF, Doc, PPT, Video, XLS, XML, Flash and many more.

Our DTP services include:

  1. Working with Mark-up language like XML, HTML, Acrobat PDF and many others.

  2. Generating the PDF files and Postscripts for print and online publication

  3. DTP quality assurance checks.

  4. Extraction of content for the translation from various formats and DTP application.

  5. Designing and implementing of single-sourcing solutions.

  6. Managing the fonts, page layout and formatting.

  7. Editing and even creating the graphics and screen shots like screen capture, illustration, diagrams, graphics, etc.

Our team has created industry standards in DTP services by talent, expertise, development of tools and experience. We have completed hundreds of desktop publishing projects within budget, on time and with the desired quality.

Our extensive solutions are fit for your multilingual Desktop Publishing needs. One of the most essential advantages of working with us is that we match your needs with the native-speaking artist or the DTP specialists in our team, like a Spanish DTP specialist would work on Spanish projects, so that the page layout designed by us would be appropriate for your target audience as per the cultural aspects. After completion, we check and recheck every page before uploading them on the site for the finest quality.

If you have any queries or need any help regarding our cost effective and professional Desktop Publishing services, then just give us a call anytime you want and we’ll be more than happy to serve you.

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