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Get your videos professionally translated and transcribed!!!

Are you in need of video translation or transcription?….At ATIS, we have a world leading transcription or translation services, which would provide some unexpected benefits to your business.

Our services are the easiest way to get translated and transcribed video:

  • Just upload your source file.

  • Select your source and target languages.

  • Get an instant quote.

  • Place your order.

All this would be done in minutes and our professional translators are equipped to translate any format like Word, XLS, TTML, SRT, XLS and many more.

ATIS has developed a section, which is dedicated to cost-efficient and high-quality video translation/transcription services. We have a unique capability of translating and transcribing media of all types and in many different languages. We stick to strict confidentiality and quality standards. Our services have been chosen by many different businesses, that required help in legal, medical, customer-service and educational fields. ATIS is the most cost-effective and reliable solution for all your video translation and transcription needs.

We can process all kinds of data ranging from the highly intriguing legal content to technical and medical recordings. We would deliver you all the services that you need for video translation and transcription. Our affordable prices in the market make us the best option for you. With our on time delivery, you can save a lot of time that you can utilize in other important business operations.

In video transcription, the audio involved in the video and other talks is converted into text. People who are involved in the production and media need this service the most, as scenes are transcribed and even translated for the people whose native language is different or who are deaf. Even sometimes, we download subtitles of videos, so that we could understand the video in a better way. So, now you know that the services of video translation and transcription are necessary for various businesses.

When we are performing transcriptions and translation work, then we only assign the native linguists for the task, so that quality could be obtained. Once we are done with your project, then the other team is assigned for proofreading, so that no errors like grammatical or spelling mistakes are there. Our two phase approach is necessary in the case of legal documents, as even a single mistake could generate consequences, which can’t be resolved quickly or easily.

If you too are in need of video translation and transcription services, then our experts could assist you in the best possible way. Our options are flexible and support various style guides and our team has all the skills that are required to carry out the tough task of video translation and transcription. We offer bilingual and multilingual transcriptions and translation services for any content you have.

You can call us or meet us anytime for help, we are available 24 x 7. We would be more than happy to assist you and guide you regarding your video translation and transcription needs.


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