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As providers of professional interpreter services, we are often asked if the work we do is similar to that of the United Nations. However, reality is quite different. Our interpretation services can be availed all over the world: whether you’re in a business meeting in Dubai or at a medical conference in Germany.

As a leading NAATI interpretation service provider, our team of certified interpreters will help you with quality professional language solutions anywhere you want.

We extend our interpreting services to various industry verticals like corporate, healthcare, government and more. Besides, at ATIS Communication, we work as your trusted interpreting service in NSW. Our professional interpreters are always ready to assist you and cater to your requirements. They can communicate in any language you need with confidence and clarity. We take pride in delivering interpreting services in all formats. Feel free to let us know whatever your requirements are and we will come up with a suitable interpreting solution for you.

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Why are we the best choice for your interpretation needs?

Our national accreditation authority certified professional interpreters possess industry-specific experience, linguistic ability, and technical skills. Hence, we are able to  match our interpreting skills with your translation and interpretation requirements.

We firmly believe in providing competent interpreting services in NSW to meet our customers’ needs and provide 100% customer satisfaction.

To accomplish that, we pay special attention to your requirement specification, allocate a team to work closely with you, and ensure efficient real-time verbal translations.

Let us look at the types of interpreting services we offer,

Phone Interpreting

Our professional interpreters can help you with your interpreting requirements on the go as phone interpreting is easily accessible through a phone call or Skype or Zoom..

Conference Interpreting

Our experienced conference interpreters attend conferences, summits, and business meetings with you to help you convey the right message and contribute effectively to a group environment.

Judicial Interpreting

Our skilled judicial interpreters facilitate communications during legal proceedings where you may need support to interpret and understand legal documents.

Sign language Interpreting

Our interpreter specialists are skilled in sign language  to help you communicate with the hearing-impaired communities.

Media Interpreting

Our certified media interpreters can facilitate interpretations of live media coverage across diverse communities.

Medical Interpreting

Our professional interpreters relieve your stress by helping you communicate with healthcare practitioners in hospitals.

Community Interpreting

Our expert interpreters facilitate effective communications between the government and culturally and linguistically diverse communities.

Escort Interpreting

Our escort interpreters travel with you, helping you communicate with people from different backgrounds and nationalities.

We are a trusted choice for interpreting services in Sydney and the rest of New South Wales for the following reasons:

1. Expertise: We possess the expertise to provide standard interpreting service, no matter what the language is.

2. Quality: We practice delivering the best with our screened NAATI accredited interpreters.

3. One-stop-shop: We provide various types of professional interpreting services in NSW.

4. Innovative technology: We adopt technological advancements to deliver improved interpreting services.

5. 24 x 7 availability: We insist on offering round the clock support to avoid unnecessary delays for you.

6. Convenience: We are proud to deliver the best customer service and integrated solutions for a host of requirements.

7. Reliability & Cost-effectiveness: We provide affordable interpreting services with the highest accuracy.

Why Choose Us?

  1. Ability to serve more customers from around the world
  2. Improved customer satisfaction and knowledge
  3. Increased market share
  4. Decreased risks caused due to miscommunication and misunderstanding
  5. Ability to nurture relationships and instil trust
  6. Building a strong international brand

Hundreds of customers trust ATIS Communication as their go-to interpreter service provider. Our range of services, our team of professional interpreters working with different languages and our network of interpreters set us apart.

Our interpreter services in NSW are versatile and flexible. Get in touch with us today to know more about our professional interpreter services.


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