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With more businesses looking to expand their operations in Australia and skilled migration on the rise, you may be required to translate documents from your native language to English. NAATI certified translation into globally accepted language enhances the exchange of information between English-speaking and non-English speaking individuals. Translators working with agencies can translate your documents.

  • from a language other than English to English
  • from English to a language other than English

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Birth Certificate Translation

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Who We Are ?

ATIS Communication is a leading translation agency in Sydney that focuses on serving the global community with top-notch NAATI translation in NSW. Whether you need your certificate translation or legal documents, your search ends with a translation service near me.

We understand that accuracy is paramount when it comes to document translation. That’s why we insist on delivering unparalleled access to language experts who strive for absolute excellence in translation for Sydney, other regions, and countries. Our Sydney translation service also offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee so that you can be confident in the quality of our work. Explore ‘translation near me’ and send your documents or files for translation. The team of experts at ATIS Communication will do the rest.

Our Services

ATIS Communication is a leading interpretation and translation agency for communities and organisations looking forward to expanding their communications and operations worldwide. Let us assist you in bridging the cultural and language barrier with the following translation service in NSW:

Language Translation

Book our multilingual translation services for over 150 languages and get NAATI translations that meet your expectations.

Certificate Translation

We help you translate birth certificates, marriage certificates or any other certificates that need NAATI-certified translation.

Proofreading and Checking

We provide proficient proofreading services for articles, user manuals, books and more with the help of our professionals.

Interpretation Service

Our experts ensure to deliver top-quality interpreting services bound by the confidentiality agreement.

Desktop Publishing

Our native-speaking specialists work on your desktop publishing needs to deliver efficient translations, including exact page layout formatting.

Audio Transcription/Translation

We strive for perfection to provide reliable audio transcription solutions for e-learning, voice-overs, audiobooks and more.

Video Transcription/Translation

Our qualified translators can run video translations on different formats such as Word, XLS, TTML, SRT, XLS and more.

Foreign Voice Over

We provide high-quality Foreign Voice Overs to help you communicate across cultural and linguistic boundaries.

What Makes Us Different

ATIS Communication offers streamlined services for faster turnaround. We understand that you can not afford to take chances in information exchange while dealing with foreign languages. Worry not, as ATIS Communication has years of experience delivering quality translation work for its customers. NAATI translations performed by our translators are to the mark and deliver results as expected by our customers.

We at ATIS Communication offer a variety of NAATI-certified translations. We pride ourselves in the following:


We focus on a qualitative approach with sincere effort and skilful execution while working on translation in Sydney and worldwide.

Fast Translations

Technological advancements enable us to produce a high-quality translation service in NSW.


Search translation services near me and get authorised translations at your convenience.

Reasonable Cost

Our NAATI translation price is affordable and caters to the range of translation requirements.


Customer Satisfaction


Quality Guaranteed


Human Translation


Successful Projects

Need to get your documents translated? Get your free quotation today!

Our Document Translation Process

We follow a simple five-step document translation process to make it easy for you.

1. Document Submission

The first step of the process requires you to fill in the form on our website for a free quote. Be ready with the scanned copy of the document that needs a translation to upload while filling up the form.

2. Quote

Rest assured! We will quickly look at the form details that you have provided. Our experienced staff gives a response with a quote within 15 minutes.

3. Payment Confirmation

Once you receive the quote, you need to pay us the mentioned cost by PayPal, credit card, or EFTPOS. We are sure that you will feel that our NAATI translation price is affordable.

4. Translation & Proofreading

You will get a translated digital copy within 2 to 3 business days via email for your approval. Also, we practise desktop publishing (DTP) services for efficient translations, including exact page layout formatting.

5. Procurement of Translated Document

Once approved, we send a digital and a physical copy of the translated certificate to your desired address.

Search for a ‘translator near me’ to get 100% certified NAATI translations. ATIS Communication is rewarded by communities from around Sydney for translation services.

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