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With more businesses looking to expand their operations overseas and citizens wanting to move to a new country, your documents will need to be translated to a new language. Here at ATIS Communications, our team translate, transcribe, interpret, and proofread birth and death certificates as well as driver’s license and police checks. As the leading translation agency in Sydney, we can interpret documents from over 150 languages thanks to our streamlined, online system using the latest technology. Our translation services in NSW have helped many residents with their translation and interpreting needs. Our advanced technology and attention to detail will ensure your documents are ready in as little time as possible thanks to ATIS Communication. Send us your documents or files that need to be translated and our team will do the rest.

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Birth Certificate Translation

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Certificate Translation Sydney

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NAATI Accredited

ATIS Communication is a fully accredited member of the National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters, NAATI. Our NAATI translation services in Sydney are available to all residents that require important documents to be interpreted or translated to another language. Our interpreter services in Sydney also include desktop publishing, audio, and video translation/transcribing, proofreading and foreign voiceovers. Our document translation services in NSW have helped many residents with their documents and file translations and interpretations. As the leading NAATI translation services provider in Sydney, Australia Translating and Interpreting Solutions strongly believe in building strong connections with our clients.

Streamlined Services for Faster Turnaround

ATIS Communication has invested heavily in new technology that allows our team to interpret all documents and files faster. Our streamlined approach and high attention to detail ensure our document translation services in NSW are translated accurately and quickly. This includes our desktop publishing, foreign voice over and audio/video translation and transcription services. Our investment in this technology has made translating and interpreting files and documents much quicker, allowing us to deliver faster and more reliable service to our clients. With high attention to detail, you can be confident our translation services in NSW will get your documents back to you in no time.


Our translation work conveys the meaning of the original text.

Proofreading and Checking

We make sure that your documents are free of spelling errors.

Interpreting Service

With our full range of interpreting services, you would enjoy the high quality.

Desktop Publishing

Our DTP services, would help you in various fields like career assistance, business, etc.

Audio Transcription/Translation

We can perform audio transcription & translation in any language with quality & accuracy.

Video Transcription/Translation

We provide video translation & transcription services in a way that they meet all your requirements.

Foreign Voice Over

With our high quality foreign voice over, you could immediately localize a vast content.


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Human Translation


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Translation and Interpreter Service

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Here at ATIS Communication, our translation services in NSW will ensure your documents and files can be interpreted and translated in minimal time. Our interpreter services in Sydney are available to all residents, and with advanced technology can be sent to you in minimal time. With a passionate and experienced team, you can be confident knowing your documents will be translated and interpreted properly. To find out more call ATIS today on 0430 139 851 and speak to our team about interpreter services in Sydney.

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