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In this modern era of globalization what a business owner needs is an appropriate way to connect with its potential customers overseas. The best way to do this is to hire a professional translation service. But sometimes, you don’t want to spend a lot on professionals and need an easy way to do this or you just don’t have that much time in your hands.

At Australia Translating and Interpreting Solutions, we are making this hectic task of getting translations easier for you. Now, with our online system, all you need to do is tell us your target language and our translation system would do the translation quickly and effectively with the assistance of the experts.

We strongly believe in merging the deep knowledge of our translators with the power of technology. Thus, our online translation platform ensures that high quality is delivered to you. We offer a complex and an intriguing translation platform to those who are in need of quick translations. With the help of our extensive services, you would be able to store all your data, talk to the translators and even manage your translation project on your own.

We only use the advance translation technology that allows you to radically raise the efficiency and productivity. Also, streamlining the translation workflow would be easy with the complex file segmentation, real-time translation memory and interactive glossary.

The entire procedure of performing translation is very easy. First, you need to upload the required file in all the major formats, which are accepted. Then, translation would start immediately. After the translation is done, you can download the document in the same type of format that you uploaded.

The success of our services is based on the given four factors:

Naati Certified Translation Service


It is no surprise that we have achieved 98% customer satisfaction, as we offer the highest quality. High quality is what we always guarantee.

Fast translations

With advanced and technical tools, your document is processed instantaneously and projects are delivered as quickly as possible.

Appropriate cost

We keep our prices flexible and transparent, thus you can discuss openly about your budget and needs with us.


You need not travel to the office of your translation team, as our online services don’t require that. Rather, you can concentrate on the other parts of your business, when we are doing the tiring task of translation for you.

At ATIS, we:

  1. Are Creative, inventive, adventurous and open-minded.

  2. Try to be bold and imaginative in our projects.

  3. Have build good relationships with our clients and employees both.

  4. Believe in supporting each other.

  5. Focus on providing something different, new, innovative, but as per your expectations.

  6. Deliver services, which makes our customers only choose us every time they are in need.

  7. Recognize and reward each and every achievement.

So, come, meet us and we’ll discuss your project over a coffee table or you can give us a call anytime for a free quotation.


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