Document Translation: Moving to another country is tough and the process gets even more complicated when you move to a country that operates in a language other than your native tongue.

Not only is it difficult to move your belongings to a new home in a strange place, but having to re-establish your life requirements associated with visas, passports, school registration, utilities, vehicle registration, driver’s licenses etc. can be a major hassle. These problems became more severe if you are shifting to a country whose language is new to you and official work also done in a different language.

In order to accomplish government entities in different country requires the essential documentation like birth certificates, marriage certificates, driving license, educational certificates to be translated into the official language of a particular country in order to be processed. Furthermore, documents cannot be translated by just any bilingual friend or relative, they must be translated by a certified translator or translation company.

Only certified translations of certificates and any other official documentation will be accepted by agencies and the translated copies also need to be notarized. Best translation companies that are registered as providers for state government agencies will almost always offer an accurate and certified copy as this is how they were put on the list in the first place.

It’s possible for professional translators to be granted the same privileges but if the individual isn’t a public notary, it may take some extra time for them to return the translated copy as they’ll have to visit a notary after translation is complete.

In addition to the translation of a document into another language, professional translators use specialty desktop publishing programs to reproduce a certified copy that is nearly indistinguishable from the original document. Rate of the translation services varies and most reputable companies will charge a bit higher for the translation, reproduction, certification and notarization of the document.

The professionally certified Document translation Services may take between 2-3 business days. If you need the translated copy soon according to your time schedule, most translation companies, and individual translators also offer a “rush” option for translation but beware the translation fee may increase and some translators will charge up to double to have it done on short period of time.

The best option is to plan ahead and budget plenty of time when giving your documents for translation. This will make the process of obtaining a translated document before time, on-time paperwork with the government agency, and correcting any mistakes that may have occurred, a lot easier.

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