Birth Certificate Translation in Australia: If you are moving to Australia for any personal or professional reason, knowing how to get your birth certificate translation in Australia is very important. There are regulations and requirements that are mandated by State Governmental bodies regarding the translation of birth certificates. Before getting your birth certificate translated by any translator you need to consider certain factors. Let’s have a look-

Translation companies in Australia

While there are numerous translation companies in Australia, many are running without proper certification. When choosing a translation service provider it is important to ask some important questions like how much the cost is, the document is NAATI certified or not and how will the document be delivered to you. The location of the translation company is not a concern because now all the work is conducted online. But to inquire about the agency is a must.

NAATI certification in Australia

The national accrediting body in Australia for translators is known as the National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters (NAATI). A translator who translates a birth certificate or other documents into the required language should have accreditation and then only they will be able to stamp, sign and write a statement of certification on the translation that identifies the translation as an accurate translation from the source language. Don’t hire or pay for a translation service that is not certified as all the translated documents submitted to the government require NAATI certification for authority.

Cost of translation services

The price of a certified translation is generally dependent on several factors such as the language in which document needs to be translated, length of document and reputation of the translation service provider. Many translation companies provide a discount for several documents translated at once.

Time required for translation

The standard time taken for a birth certificate translation is usually 2-3 working days. Many agencies charge an additional fee if the translated document is needed the next day or the same day. If you want services for birth certificate translations, better to contact the translator ahead of time to avoid last minutes headaches.

The Translation Process

The translation company you are hiring only need a scanned copy of the birth certificate that you are translating. You can email the scanned copy directly to the translator. Some agencies charge after completing the job while many required advance payment. The certified translation will be delivered to you by post or you can receive it personally. The certified translation can be used at various educational authorities and governmental agencies.

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