Audio and video transcription services: Many web translation service providers also provide services for the transcription of video and audio files. One of the most unique things about the transcription job is that two similar projects hardly collide in terms of subject content. The translation jobs are normally different from transcription as here there are chances to work on the same kind of document and topics often especially when you are hired by the same client again and again. But you’ll find something new with the transcription projects. Regardless of whether it is a focus group discussion among country representatives on environmental concern, safety videos for vehicles that have been manufactured by a French plant, or interviews of historians from Egypt, each presents its own benefits as well as drawbacks.

Many clients get shocked when they hear cost quotations for audio or video top translation services. Yes, the price of video and audio transcription is higher as compared to language translations and this is simply because the exercise takes up a lot of time. Professional transcriptionists usually become better and take less time to do the job; they still require a lot of skill to become proficient in what they do. It can be tested by writing all the words that are uttered in any conversation. You will find that there are many words you will skip and it is also obvious that a lot of focus and effort has to be put in as you try and listen to the words to put them down.

There are generally two forms of transcription i.e. Verbatim- this is the word for word record of everything that has been said including the pauses and are primarily find its application in court and police proceedings. Another type is the standard transcription which is user friendly and easier to read as the fillers used in speech are not included in the transcription.

Regardless of the type being used to transcript audio or video, getting everything that has been uttered can be quite difficult. Most of the time depending on the quality of the material that is to be transcribed, a professional transcriptionist with several years of experience is required.

Time along with other factors that a transcriptionist may have to deal with includes regional accents, speed of the speakers, pronunciations, noise disturbance, and people speaking over each other which can either make the transcription job harder or easier. It is necessary to come up with the quality recordings so that the transcription work can become much easier.

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